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Hydrocodone (Hysingla)
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Product description:
Active Ingredient:hysingla
Hydrocodone as known as:
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Prices For Hydrocodone
  The Salt Therapy Association (STA) was founded to provide resources, information, research and standards to support, promote and create awareness about salt therapy for the industry, businesses and consumers.

The objectives of the Salt Therapy Association are to:

  • Promote interest in, generate awareness of, and provide education about salt therapy.
  • Promote and market salt therapy to consumers including a Salt Therapy Directory.
  • Develop communication, information and media tools to promote salt therapy.
  • Promote scientific innovation in the salt therapy field by sponsoring research in the use of salt therapy.
  • Promote higher business standards and better business methods in the use of salt therapy.
  • Expand the salt therapy business by encouraging the use of salt therapy.
  • Provide leadership to improve and grow the salt therapy industry through generation, dissemination, and exchange of information and services.
Ülle Pukk,
  • Founder/President of Salt Chamber, LLC
  • Co-Founder of the Salt Therapy Association

Prof. Alina V. Chervinskaya MD, PhD
  • Professor of Chair of Restorative Medicine, Sport Medicine, Balneology and Physiotherapy of Institute of Post-Degree Professional Education (Moscow)
  • Institute of Respiratory Hygiene and Halotherapy, Kft., Budapest
  • Co-owner of Halomed

Leo M. Tonkin
  • CEO of Salt Chamber, LLC
  • Co-founder of the Salt Therapy Association
  • CEO of Leo M. Tonkin, LLC Strategic/Organizational Consultancy

Dr. Daniel Layish, MD, FACP, FCCP, FAASM, Pulmonologist
  • Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Central Florida College of Medicine
  • Clinical Associate Professor, Florida State University College of Medicine
  • Central Florida Pulmonary Group, P.A.

Jakub Czerwinski
  • Director of the ‘Wieliczka’ Salt Mine Health Resort

Ashley Lawless
  • Owner, The Salt Room, Orlando, Florida and other locations
  • US Distributor of Iiris Halogenerators

Allan Schare
  • President of the Day Spa Association and the International Medical Spa Association

Andri Sinka
  • Chief Research Engineer and Developer, Anchor Salt World and Plasput OU, Tallinn, Estonia

Franci Grudnik
  • Managing Director of Grajska vrata d.o.o., Slovenia
  • Founder of trade mark Solni tempelj and owner of Salt Centres Solni tempelj
  • Main European medical and wellness representative of Prizma devices

Michael Karsch
  • Attorney and Counsel

Michael Leone, RRT, RCP
  • Licensed Respiratory Therapist
  • Co-owner of The Salt Studio, Pasadena, California
  • West Coast Distributor for Halomed

Dr. Rupal Thakker, DMD
  • Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Owner of The Salt Scene, Orlando, Florida

Richard Butterworth, Australia
  • Founder of Equine Salt Therapy

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